Residential Irrigation Design Service

Residential Irrigation Design Service

Here at Irritec, we stock a large range of products which we can use to irrigate a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Private Gardens
  • Roof Gardens
  • Communal Green Spaces
  • Public parks and gardens


From the information gained, we will advice on the most suitable and efficient method to irrigate the required areas. We can advise on the total volume of water required to irrigate on a weekly basis and advise you on the best method to control the system.
We strive to offer our clients the most water and energy efficient equipment available.


Plans that are supplied by the client or designer will be used to mark out the layout of the system showing the following:

  • Pipe and low voltage cable routes
  • Location of the control panel
  • Location of the pump and water storage tank (if required)
  • Connection to services (water and power)
  • The type of irrigation used in each area

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